“Quality inside...
Beauty outside!”

Who we are

Hopificio was born in February 2018 in Florence, Italy, and carries out sales of beauty products, in particular solid soaps and liquid soaps. The idea of ​​its founders was to create a brand that was a true laboratory of ideas, bringing together people with different skills and interests with the aim of creating original and innovative products, both in the materials used and in the packaging.

Perché scegliere Hopificio

We love to call ourselves "the soap tailors". We want and can create products together with our customers, based on their suggestions and needs. We are ready to give life to new products and to experiment with materials that respect man and the environment as much as possible. Sustainability is one of our watchwords. We are a young and flexible company, ready to change, dynamic and attentive observer of the market in which we operate. We have specific skills in the field of art, furniture and beauty in general since one of the partners and the administrator comes from generations of antique dealers. Our strength in the relationship with the customer is flexibility.